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74 von 2074
The Story of Beat-Club Vol 1.: 1965 - 1968. DVD
Beat-Club 16 - 19
Jahr: 2008
DVD - Musikfilm
Standort 2SignaturStatusFristVorbestellungenBarcode
Standort 2: Musikmedien - 2. OG Signatur: Qj Sto Status: Verfügbar Frist: Vorbestellungen: 0 Barcode: 21045837
Jahr: 2008
Systematik: Qj
Beschreibung: 1 DVD
Fußnote: Lee Curtis&The All Stars: Looking back; The Lords: Late last Sunday evening; Have a drink on me; The Rattles: Love of my Life; Good Times; Hey Sally; It is love; The Animals: See see rider; A love like yours; Shake, rattle and roll; The Who: I'm a boy, Heatwave, Happy Jack. Beat-Club 17: Twice As Much: True Story; Sandy Posey: Single Girl; Percy Sledge: warm and tender love; The Remo Four: Ain't love good ain't love proud; The Creation: Painter Man; Graham Bonney: Thank you baby; The Equals: I won't be there; Cream: I feel free. Beat-Club 18: Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band: Que Sera, Sera; Michael; You Don't Know Like I Know; Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers: Take What I Want; I'll Take Good Care Of You; The Smoke: My Friend Jack; The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Hey Joe; Purple Haze; The Who: Happy Jack; So Sad About Us; My Generation. Beat-Club 19: Whistling Jack Smith: I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman; The Snappers: Upside Down, Inside Out; The Who: Pictures Of Life; David Garrick: Please Mr. Movingman; The Dave Clark Five: You Got What It Takes; Julie Felix: I Can't Touch The Sun; The Escorts: From Head To Toe; Sandy Sarjeant: Can't Stop The Want; Jimmy Cliff: Give And Take; Lee Curtis % The All Stars: What Are You Gonna Do; Julie Felix: The Lost Children.
Mediengruppe: DVD - Musikfilm